hey there,

I'm Aleksandra

I can help you gain confidence as an interior designer to be and feel more professional and better serve your clients.

If you’re a beginning or a self-taught interior designer, struggling with imposter syndrome but determined to pursue your passion, I’m sure you’ll find here what you need to break free from your limiting beliefs and gain the confidence to show up and serve!

my backstory:

I studied architecture and urbanism at Wrocław University of Technology in Poland. After graduating I felt tired and discouraged and therefore took a one-year sabbatical and... moved to Paris. Now that's a story for another time but after one year in France, I moved back to Poland and was ready to finally start my career in the architectural field.

I quickly understood though, that this was not exactly what I wanted. I needed something more creative, with a smaller scale and more direct contact with clients. So I decided to take a post-graduate program in graphic design. But again, that was not it.

During my year in Paris, I met a wonderful designer who showed me the world of interior design. And remembering how fun and satisfying helping him with his projects was, I thought I might give it a shot myself. I moved back to Paris, renewed the contact with him and one thing led to another - I landed my first interior design job in a construction company. It went well for some time... until it didn't.

I wasn't ok with the way my boss managed (or rather mismanaged) the company and how he treated his clients, and when I ended up being his secretary rather than the designer I was supposed to be,

I knew I had to change something.

Without speaking a word of French and without knowledge or experience in running a company, I pushed myself to open my own interior design studio. I don't know if it was courageous or simply stupid, but I was determined to succeed.

And I did!

 For as long as I stayed in Paris (and that was another 3 years), I ran my studio, designing residential and office spaces, both in France and Poland. I also did some graphic design work on the side and learned French in the process.

I closed the company when I decided to move back to Poland, but all the experience and confidence I gained helped me open another one I still run today - normanstudio. Since then I've lived and worked in Berlin and now in Italy and Poland, I've worked on both freelance and personal projects, striving to gain as much knowledge as possible, about the trends, technical solutions, norms, and regulations.

Aside from all that, thanks to my brother, I found joy in self-improvement. I read and still read, lots of books on how to be a better person - more confident, more true to myself, how to think big, etc.

Since it helped me a lot with defining who I am, who I want to be, and how I show up to other people, I decided to share some of that to help fellow interior designers who are at the beginning of their journey or perhaps got a bit lost on the way, to regain confidence, believe in themselves and show up professionally to their clients to serve them the best way they can.

 If this is about you, I invite you to stay here for a while. You will soon be able to find blog posts and resources, and perhaps even some direct tips that will help you get back on track and continue working your dream job.

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hi, I'm Aleksandra!

I will help you create an organized interior design business with systems and processes, and to gain confidence to bring your career to the next level.

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